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Posted by BlackL - December 8th, 2008

Cookies are the best!


Posted by BlackL - November 25th, 2008


Hai Again.

And Hai Again Again.

Okai. I have nothing usefull to say. Only a few websites i would like to show you guys.

Now! IF you like cookies! You should watch this site! This site here!

And, If you like to know how to earn money with a PTC site. (Pay to click) Just check this

Anyway, for the second site i need advertisers, so if you want to advertise. You can.

Thanks for reading this useless post. Bai <3

Posted by BlackL - September 4th, 2008

Sup guys,

It's me, with another post. Well.. It's near 22:00 here now, but o well. Let me just post, because of the different timezones.

Schoolday was normal today, i only had 5 hours. I only had from 9:15 to 13:50 school, was pretty fun. But tomorrow is gonna be easy, except for having german. My german teacher is so.. Old,strange, etc.. Most of you guys probably know what i mean. (Or don't) But anyway, TOMORROW ITSA FRIDAY ! YAAY! Last day of the schoolweek. Woohoo!

I don't have anything much to say, only to remind you guys to check Twith, IF you would like to voiceact for a movie. Just ask, give him a comment about it and he'll (Or i will read it).

Well, Cya guys and don't forget to give a comment.

Posted by BlackL - September 3rd, 2008

Heey guys, It's BlackL again.

As you can see, my second day of school has ended hours ago. It was going all well, met some of the new teachers. Some of them are really great, some of them don't give lots of homework. There are also teachers who are creepy..... One of them has a beard from here to mexico, and is really strange. (And old) It's like he still lives in the year 631 or something.

Nothing much happened at school, we've got some homework here and there (I haven't made my homework because i forgot my books. They are in my locker hehe) And some kid at school thinks he was tough by doing 'cool' to me and so. Well, he stops now, ;D (Not that i fought him, although i wished. Just like last year.. :D) But nothing else happened.

Anyway, Twith is still looking for some voice actors for his movie, you'd better check out ;) Just click on the highlighted 'Twith'. If you wan't to know how my first day went, just check the post before this one.

Well, cya around guys. (And don't forget to comment) AND! Also! Tell how ur school was ;) Cya.


If you want to know how my school looks like, just check here.

The second day at school,

Posted by BlackL - September 2nd, 2008

Well, i can say that i don't.

I mean, my friends there and doing stuff there is fun. But the learning thing? Nope. My schoolday today (The first one since 2 months) was going pretty good. New classes, saw some of my friends from my last class. There were also total new kids i've never seen before. It was nice there.

The funniest part is that im in the 3rd class ( Dutch classes are different than American classes. ) We have like, 'Basisschool' ( Primary school ) (Groep1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) And then Secondary (Klas1,2,3,4,5,6)
I only have 4 years, others do 5 and others do 6. But ok, let me continue. Like i said, it's pretty fun to see all those new kids who are in the 1st class (Called 'Brugpiepers') and how short they are. I mean like, they look like midgets ( No offence ). Pushing some of the new kids around is also fun, they can't do shit back to us haha. (Mean huh?)

So, i had the first 2 hours off. That made me have lessons at 10:00 AM, but i had a eight hour ;(. So my school finished at 15:20. Tomorrow everything will go to normal, and i must try to don't fall asleep during classes like : German and Dutch.

Anyhow, i managed to survive the first day. So the other days will probably work out too. And i just like to post newsposts since some days ago. I don't care that alot of persons read it, but still. It's fun.

Now something about the old things,

Yesterday, i posted something about a movie that Twith is making one. It's all about Oblivion, Twith need voiceactors. Just click on the highlighted 'Twith' or check my post before this one, it has the most information on it

Well newgrounders, and if you read this. Could you leave a comment? Thanks, and cya.

Don't you just love school?

Posted by BlackL - September 1st, 2008

So guys, i'm gonna be a voice actor for a movie made by Twith

The movie is about .... OBLIVION! , You heard me. Do you guys know what oblivion is? No? Check google, im not gonna search for you. Ok fine , 1 hint. Oblivion is a game.

I'm gonna voiceact some person called Rick, who is a serious guy and gets beaten alot of time. (Atleast, that's what Twith promised me.....) But i don't really care.

O yeah, and did you know Twith is looking for some more voice actors? Seriously, just check here.

I'm not gonna tell anything about the story of the movie. And you should seriously ask for being a voice actor if you like it. Twith is a fine guy, nothing bad, but strange, hehe.

I do, can let you see how my character will look like. It will be at the bottom of this page. Twith made him so, and if you want to voice act for Twith. You can choose how you want your character to look like. Fun huh?

And like i said again in my earlier post, you really should visit Punk-o-Matic community here. You can talk there with Evil-Dog for example or with me (Isn't that great!?) But read the rules please. Evil-Dog,Necromancer,Pariah don't like rulebreakers (They are the admins) And they will punish u with their nightstick. So watch out, and really for Pariah. He is not the person you wanna meet alone in the dark in an alleyway.

At POM Community you can also post your songs from Punk-o-Matic the game, and you can listen to other songs.

I wanna thank Imaku for giving me the first comment ever that wasn't asked for being commented.

Well cya guys, and here is the promised picture. (Don't forget to leave a comment ;))

Heey Guys, Talking about a voiceacting video.

Posted by BlackL - August 31st, 2008

Yo, as we all know most people (including me) makes newsport that nobody reads! So yaay for nobody that read this!

Yaay! And now something i want to talk about.


Yaay for cookies.

O yeah, does anybody of you guys know Punk-o-Matic by Evil-Dog? You should really check it out, its rocks : http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

Talking about Punk-o-Matic, Evil-Dog is making a Punk-o-Matic 2, incase u didn't knew that.
And guess what, he also made a Punk-O-Matic community a year ago, you should check it out at http://www.punk-o-matic.com


And one day i 'No Shit Sherlock'ed somebody, he got mad. ;D And i liked that, i like making people mad. O ! AND THIS HAPPENED TO ME TODAY!

/* */
I really liked that. (PAINTROLL'D!)

Pretty fun that you can put thousands of characters in your post. But nobody gets near it. Not even me. It´s only on 31,500 something. AND NOW UNDER IT! Weeeh.

I'm going off, killing myself so i don't need to go to school. Bye!

(Incase you read this useless newspost, can you give me a comment? :D)

Making newspost for fun that nobody reads/comment on.

Posted by BlackL - June 23rd, 2008

I like cookies, do you like cookies?