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Heey Guys, Talking about a voiceacting video.

2008-09-01 14:22:39 by BlackL

So guys, i'm gonna be a voice actor for a movie made by Twith

The movie is about .... OBLIVION! , You heard me. Do you guys know what oblivion is? No? Check google, im not gonna search for you. Ok fine , 1 hint. Oblivion is a game.

I'm gonna voiceact some person called Rick, who is a serious guy and gets beaten alot of time. (Atleast, that's what Twith promised me.....) But i don't really care.

O yeah, and did you know Twith is looking for some more voice actors? Seriously, just check here.

I'm not gonna tell anything about the story of the movie. And you should seriously ask for being a voice actor if you like it. Twith is a fine guy, nothing bad, but strange, hehe.

I do, can let you see how my character will look like. It will be at the bottom of this page. Twith made him so, and if you want to voice act for Twith. You can choose how you want your character to look like. Fun huh?

And like i said again in my earlier post, you really should visit Punk-o-Matic community here. You can talk there with Evil-Dog for example or with me (Isn't that great!?) But read the rules please. Evil-Dog,Necromancer,Pariah don't like rulebreakers (They are the admins) And they will punish u with their nightstick. So watch out, and really for Pariah. He is not the person you wanna meet alone in the dark in an alleyway.

At POM Community you can also post your songs from Punk-o-Matic the game, and you can listen to other songs.

I wanna thank Imaku for giving me the first comment ever that wasn't asked for being commented.

Well cya guys, and here is the promised picture. (Don't forget to leave a comment ;))

Heey Guys, Talking about a voiceacting video.


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2008-09-01 14:36:04

I may be a "little" off but I mean really, who DOESN'T like taking cookies and shocing them into your fedora while dancing to "We are Family" I mean really, I'm commenting a new post describing MY machinima, I am THAT selfish? Yes...yes I am, be happy I am, Ha, Looks like i'm rambling again, HEY! I also need a funny Writer for my Video!!!oneone11!

BlackL responds:

I told you he was strange,