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The second day at school,

2008-09-03 15:29:24 by BlackL

Heey guys, It's BlackL again.

As you can see, my second day of school has ended hours ago. It was going all well, met some of the new teachers. Some of them are really great, some of them don't give lots of homework. There are also teachers who are creepy..... One of them has a beard from here to mexico, and is really strange. (And old) It's like he still lives in the year 631 or something.

Nothing much happened at school, we've got some homework here and there (I haven't made my homework because i forgot my books. They are in my locker hehe) And some kid at school thinks he was tough by doing 'cool' to me and so. Well, he stops now, ;D (Not that i fought him, although i wished. Just like last year.. :D) But nothing else happened.

Anyway, Twith is still looking for some voice actors for his movie, you'd better check out ;) Just click on the highlighted 'Twith'. If you wan't to know how my first day went, just check the post before this one.

Well, cya around guys. (And don't forget to comment) AND! Also! Tell how ur school was ;) Cya.


If you want to know how my school looks like, just check here.

The second day at school,


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2008-09-04 04:32:37

School's cool! Yeah!