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Don't you just love school?

2008-09-02 12:12:35 by BlackL

Well, i can say that i don't.

I mean, my friends there and doing stuff there is fun. But the learning thing? Nope. My schoolday today (The first one since 2 months) was going pretty good. New classes, saw some of my friends from my last class. There were also total new kids i've never seen before. It was nice there.

The funniest part is that im in the 3rd class ( Dutch classes are different than American classes. ) We have like, 'Basisschool' ( Primary school ) (Groep1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) And then Secondary (Klas1,2,3,4,5,6)
I only have 4 years, others do 5 and others do 6. But ok, let me continue. Like i said, it's pretty fun to see all those new kids who are in the 1st class (Called 'Brugpiepers') and how short they are. I mean like, they look like midgets ( No offence ). Pushing some of the new kids around is also fun, they can't do shit back to us haha. (Mean huh?)

So, i had the first 2 hours off. That made me have lessons at 10:00 AM, but i had a eight hour ;(. So my school finished at 15:20. Tomorrow everything will go to normal, and i must try to don't fall asleep during classes like : German and Dutch.

Anyhow, i managed to survive the first day. So the other days will probably work out too. And i just like to post newsposts since some days ago. I don't care that alot of persons read it, but still. It's fun.

Now something about the old things,

Yesterday, i posted something about a movie that Twith is making one. It's all about Oblivion, Twith need voiceactors. Just click on the highlighted 'Twith' or check my post before this one, it has the most information on it

Well newgrounders, and if you read this. Could you leave a comment? Thanks, and cya.

Don't you just love school?


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2008-09-02 14:23:58

I've loved school a lot since I graduated. HEHE!

BlackL responds:

You lucky person, hehe.


2008-09-02 14:33:03

Complaining about school is lame. It's not fun, I understand, but if you don't go there, you'll end up as garbage driver or a cleaner.

BlackL responds:


I'm talking about that the learning isn't fun. I'm not complaining about school.


Garbage drivers or cleaners get a pretty decent amount of cash if they work black.